LC to LC OM3 Fiber Optic Cables


OM3 Fiber 10Gb Duplex Multi-Mode fiber cable with LC OM3 connectors is perfect for high throughput applications. This LC / LC with a 50micron core supports a 10Gb transmission up to 300 Meters, 40GB and 100GB up to 100 Meters. The LC/LC OM3 has an Effective Modal Bandwidth (EMB) of 2000 MHz/km at 850nm. Laser optimized fiber also called OM3 fiber is the highest capacity medium for short wave 10Gb transmission. OFNR (riser) rated fiber cable is ideal in a building for a run indoor floor to floor application. The LC connectors are perfect for high density network applications. The LC multimode OM3 fiber is backwards compatible with LED based 50um multimode fiber applications. We have quantity discount pricing available! To get in touch with one of our Fiber Specialists you can email or call (800) 273-9556.