CLOSEOUT - Performance 12 Foot Component Video Cable

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1.12 LBS
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Our Performance Component Video Cables deliver excellent high definition signal with no fuss.Built for the budget-minded video enthusiast, our cables are fully compatible with all RGB (Red-Green-Blue) RCA style video connections, support high definition video at resolutions up to 1080i, and are tested for 75ohm impedance for maximum signal transfer.Topped off with ultra flexible rubberized PVC jackets and 24K gold plated heavy duty RCA connectors, these component cables are low maintenance, high functionality.


  • EMI-RFI Protected Double High Density Shielding
  • 100% 0.12mm Aluminum-Polyester Foil Shield
  • 3 RG59 95% Copper Braid Shielded Conductors
  • Flat-Ribbon Cable Configuration
  • 95% Spiral-Wound Shield Audio Conductors
  • 99.99% Pure Oxygen-Free Copper Wire
  • Ultra Flex Satin-Ivory Rubber 6.0mm OD PVC Jacket
  • Low-Attenuation Foamed Cellular Dielectric
  • 24K Gold Plated Heavy-Duty RCA Connectors
  • Color-Coded - Fully Molded Construction