CLOSEOUT - Toslink Optical Audio To S/PDIF Digital Audio Converter

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Our Optical to S/PDIF Audio Converter is designed to serve as an audio bridge between audio output devices that transmit data using Toslink connections and audio input devices that receive data using Digital Coaxial connections. For example, you may be running audio from a next-gen video game console or Blu-Ray player that utilizes Toslink technology but managing your surround sound with a receiver that is only compatible with Digital Coaxial audio input; this is the perfect scenario for our handy audio converter. Begin with Toslink audio output, convert your signal via our device, and end with Digital Coaxial audio output. One simple device, simply great results.


  • Converts Toslink Optical Audio (input) to Digital Audio S/PDIF (output) Signal
  • Includes 120v AC to 6v DC Power Adapter
  • Size:1.82"W x .88"H x 2.8"L

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