CLOSEOUT - 12 Fiber, SC Multi Mode 50 10Gb MTP Male Cassette Total of 12 SC Simplex ports

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Looking to upgrade your fiber transmission system to include multifiber connections? You can't go wrong with our MTP® Cassette Modules (with SC Fanout kit included). Cables For Less MTP® Cassette Modules provide secure transitions between MTP® and LC or SC discreet connectors. These Cassette Modules are designed to seamlessly interconnect MTP® backbones with LC or SC patching or connections to active equipment. The modular systems allow for rapid deployment of high density data and their accessible design simplifies troubleshooting and maintenance processes during moves, additions, and changes. Our MTP® Cassettes can be mounted in 1U or 3U 19" multi-slot chassis. Included SC Fanout kits undergo factory controlled tests by MTP® before shipment to ensure quality and performance.

     MTP® (US Conec) brand MPO standard compliant multifiber connector
     SC discreet interface
     OM3 10Gig Fiber (OS1/2, OM4 versions, OM1 and OM2 available upon request)
     12 Fiber (24 Fiber options available upon request)
     Polarity A (standard) or C
     Factory Terminated and Tested

     Data Centre Infrastructure
     Storage Area Network- Fiber Channel
     Parallel Optics
     Emerging 40 and 100Gbps Protocols

Standards Compliance
     TIA/EIA-568-C.3 and ISO/IEC 11801
     IEC-61754-7 & EIA/TIA-604-5
     TIA/EIA 568-B.1-7
     Compliant to Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS) and REACH SvHC

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