CLOSEOUT - 35 Foot Performance Toslink Audio Cable

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Did you know that Toslink Audio cables utilize fiber optic technology to transmit data? In fact, the increased clarity and bandwidth of fiber has established Toslink Optical Audio as an industry standard. It's the preferred connection for surround sound arrangements at up to 7.1 channels and is recommended for next-gen video game consoles; and if you are completing your premium music-listening apparatus, Toslink Audio does exceedingly well in delivering the tunes at digital quality. Our Performance Toslink Optical Audio Cables are constructed with tough exteriors and purified core interiors to ensure crisp data transmission and are sure to connect your audio configuration par excellence!

Length 35 feet
Color Blue
Applications Home Theater components, Media Players, Satellite receivers, Cable Subscription boxes, Blu-Ray/DVD players, video game consoles and more
Material Low Density PVC Dielectric
Jacket Ultra-Flexible Blue PVC Jacket
Connector Style Polished tips with locking connecters
Connector A Toslink Connector Male
Connector B Toslink Connector Male
Construction Dual Color-Coded Fully Molded Construction
Details Precision optical material and with ultra flexible and durable jacketing