CLOSEOUT - 3Ghz Premium F-Type Coaxial Ground Block, Dual

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Don't risk your electronics against a lightning storm! These High-Performance F Grounding Blocks will make sure your entire system is protected. For use in CATV and Satellite Subscriber Grounding applications. Designed for High-Frequency Broadband Network and Distribution System Applications up to 3GHz. Excellent Digital-Ready Broadband Performance. Weather-Resistant Nickel-Plated Zinc-Alloy Cast Housing to ensure performance & durability. Precision machined threads ensure secure splice-to-connector interface for maximum connectivity.


  • Silver-Plated Phosphor Bronze 360-Degree Round Seizing Center Contact
  • Nickel-Plated 3/16" Steel Ground Screws
  • Ground holes accept 8 AWG copper wire
  • Includes nickel-plated steel mounting screws
  • UL Listed
  • High 8-Ampere DC Continuous Current Handling Capacity

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