CLOSEOUT - 3 Meter Fiber, Multimode 50/125, Duplex, LC/LC Blue Plenum 2 Fiber Round

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Maximize your bandwidth and overall network speeds with 10 gigabit fiber technology! These fibers are manufactured to minimize modal dispersion/light loss and are fully compatible with VCSEL light transmission systems, future proofing your connections for possible upgrades! So connect your network with our 10 Gigabit Multimode fibers and enjoy high quality at a low price from Cables For Less!



Low back reflection and insertion loss
Premium quality ceramic ferrule for best performance
Cable Material: Plenum
Fiber Type: Multimode 50/125 10Gig (OM3)
Insertion Loss (Typical): 0.15 dB
Insertion Loss (Maximum): 0.30 dB
Operational Temperature: -20*C to +70*C
100% Fully Tested
RoHS Compliant

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