Angled Pin Style White Screw-On, High Conductivity Speaker Terminal

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Extend the life of your speaker wires with our Angled Pin Speaker Connectors! The unique Angled Pin design features a 60* turn at connection points, greatly reducing stress between pin and wire and allowing for greater flexibility and directionality in installation and use. All of our angled pin speaker connectors are gold plated to guarantee high conductivity and are available with both red and white identification bands for positive and negative lines. So enhance your audio installation in style and functionality with our Angled Pin Speaker Connectors!


  • Screw-on high-conductivity gold-plated pins

  • Precision machined

  • Speaker terminals with solder/solderless pins

  • Available with white or red color bands

  • Gold plated with black chrome finish

  • Accepts 8-18AWG speaker wire