Belden 7796A High Quality RG59 Five Coaxial Conductor Cable (By The Foot)

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0.30 LBS
Belden... a trusted name in cables for over 100 years. For maximum video definition over longer distances the Belden 7796A component cable features five individual RG59 coaxial channels. Each individual cable channel is a Belden 1505A RG59 Coaxial Cable and features a 20 AWG solid copper conductor, gas-injected foam high density polyehtylene (FHDPE) insulation, and dual shields (100% Duofoil® and 95% tinned copper braid). Overall outer diameter is .790" (20.066mm). Individual channel outer diameter is .235" (5.97mm). This Item is SOLD BY THE FOOT. Applications: RGB video, Serial digital video (SDI), DTV & HDTV, component video, video walls, high resolution video projectors, CG & CAD workstations. Technical Specifications: *Five RG59 Coaxial Cables Construction *20AWG Bare Copper, Solid Form Conductor *Gas-injected Foam High Density Polyethylene (FHDPE) Insulation Material *100% Shielded Duofoil® + 95% tinned copper braid *Nominal Impedance: 75 ohms *Nominal Inductance: 0.107 H/ft *Nominal Capacitance: 16.2 pF/ft *Nominal Velocity of Propagation: 83% *Nominal Conductor DC Resistance: 10.0 ohms/1000ft *Nominal Inner Shield DC Resistance: 3.8 ohms/1000ft *Black Outer PVC Jacket *Red Blue & Green Inner PVC Jackets Nominal Attenuation (per 100ft): 0.9dB at 10MHz 2.1dB at 71.5MHz 2.7dB at 135MHz 3.8dB at 270MHz 4.4dB at 360MHz 5.5dB at 540MHz 6.4dB at 720MHz 6.5dB at 750MHz 7.6dB at 1GHz 9.4dB at 1.5GHz 12.4dB at 2.5GHz 13.8dB at 3GHz