Bulk Control Cable

Control Cable

Lighting control cable is what automates home automation, it’s what makes the lights come on, closes the blinds and locks the doors. Control cables can also be used in a wide range in instrumentation applications as well such as card readers, time clocks and touch panels. While there are many access control cable types there’s just not that many sources for it. It seems there are even less options when it comes to bulk control cable which means pricing can be rather steep. Here we offer some of the most common bulk control cable wire for use with lighting control, door access, card readers, touch panel and other automation devices. Depending on your needs we carry several types to choose from standard to plenum rated control cable. Typically it comes with a pair of shielded data cables plus power. The data cable actually transmits the signal to the device causing the door to unlock, the lights to dim or blinds to close and the power cable is conveniently paired making installation must easier.