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Easily convert your PC's video output to a signal your TV will recognize.

This unit utilizes a pass-through system which enables your p.c. to display a signal on not only your p.c. monitor but also a standard T.V. as well. with a resolution up to 1024 x 768 dpi. NOTE: If you are using a standard tube style television the picture from your computer can appear distorted. This is due to the lower resolution and interlacing that your television uses. If you are using this device to browse the internet, it probably will not work for you. But in any case if you use this device to watch movies, the picture quality will not be different than that of DVD/VHS players.

Product Specifications:

Input:   Power Supply:
VGA: VGA/SVGA Jack (HD15)   5V DC, 500mA (From USB)
Output:   Package Contents:
VGA: VGA/SVGA Jack (HD15) (Loop Through)   Main Unit
Composite Video: RCA Jack (Yellow)   USB Cable
S-Video: 4-pin S-Video Jack (Mini-Din)   S-Video Cable
    RCA Cable
Resolution:   VGA Cable Remote Control
1024 x 768 @ 60Hz   AAA Batteries (2)
All NTSC, NTSC-J and PAL   Owners Manual