Custom Dual 50 pin Shielded Ribbon Cable - 5'

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1.10 LBS
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Custom Pair 5' Ribbon Cables,

Dual 50 Pin Female IDC to 50 Pin Card Edge Connector, Rolled and wrapped in metal mesh and heat shrink.

These custom built cables are 5 foot long with 6 inches of tail on each end allowing roughly a 1' space between the two connectors when plugged in.

One end is built using standard 50 pin IDC female connectors, the other using a 50 pin edge connector to be be connected to a PCB.

The cable is made using dual high quality Belden 50 pin ribbon cables.

Wrapped in a metal braid to shield against EMI and other interference.

Then the entire thing is wrapped in a plastic heat shrink for added protection.


These are custom cables designed for a particular customer, just another example of what we can build!

- Please allow 3 to 5 days lead time.