DisplayPort to HDMI Cable

The DisplayPort to HDMI cable allows streaming high-definition video from your tablet or pc to any HDMI enabled devices, great for movie night or a business presentation. Just plug-in the male end of the DisplayPort Cable into the DisplayPort (DP, DP++, DisplayPort++) equipped on your computer to a HD project or monitor with an HDMI plug-in. Need a displayport to hdmi cable to perhaps connect your computer's output to your TV's input? We recommend this displayport cable rather than hdmi cables and adapters as each connection point can be a source of trouble and potential weakened video signal. This single cable will transmit both audio and video delivering each to your hdmi enabled devices! This cable should be compatible with any standard DisplayPort connection and HDMI input/HDMI port. This makes these video converter cords perfect for both DisplayPort outputs and HDMI displays, such as HDMI monitors and televisions. To read more about whether you have a HDMI or DisplayPort source, there's a great article that may help here.