CLOSEOUT - F-Type RG59 Mini Premium Permaseal-II Gold Compression Connectors, True 75Ohm

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Our Premium PermaSeal™(PermaSeal-II)™ F, RCA and BNC compression connectors from Steren Electronics are designed for high performance, ease and versatility for all coaxial video and audio applications. These single-piece connectors make installation of RG6, RG6-Quad, RG59 and Mini RG59 cables go quickly and smoothly, and create a high quality, permanent 360 degree connector-to-cable seal. The connectors are made of machined annealed brass with an anti corrosion gold or nickel plated finish for maximum conductivity and reliability. They come complete with six attachable color bands (red, green, blue, yellow, white and black) that give an installer a field-configurable way to set the cable identification based on the cable's function. This eliminates the need for stocking multiple-color connectors, saving installation time and expense.


*Premium quality, ultra-high performance F, RCA and BNC compression connectors

*Designed for coaxial video and audio applications

*Quick, easy installation on RG6, RG6-Quad, RG59 or Mini RG59 cable

*Makes a permanent 360 degree connector-to-cable attachment and seal

*Constructed of precision machined annealed brass

*Maximum conductivity anti-corrosion gold or nickel-plated finish

*Includes six color-coded bands for flexible, field-configurable cable ID during installation

*Can be used with standard compression tools