F-Type RG6 Crimp On Connector Double Seal Weather Proof

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When finalizing connections in your electronic system configurations sometimes the smallest component can make the world of difference. That is precisely why we at Cables For Less have searched exhaustively to include a wide variety of couplers, adapters, connectors, and more in our peripheral catalog. Our RG6 F-Type Crimp On Connectors offer double sealed, weather proof coaxial connections for your network!


  • Commercial grade F-series connector
  • Designed for coaxial networks running video, data, or telephony applications
  • Nickel construction
  • F-type plug, crimp on RG6
  • Weather proof
  • Silicone-gel O-ring water seal
  • Precision machined brass
  • Anti-corrosion chromate plating

Do you have questions or concerns regarding compatibility or function, or are you looking for another peripheral device or cable? Please contact us and we will walk you through any dilemma and help you find the product you need!