Non-Returnable Products

Non-Returnable Products

Some products that we sell are, by their nature, non-returnable; this page attempts to explain our reasoning behind this policy. If you have any questions that aren't covered in this page, or if you would like to discuss any of these topics in further detail, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Note: Manufacturer defects that interfere with a product's performance will overrule this non-returnable policy, providing you are within a given product's expressed warranty period.

Custom Cable Assemblies - Any non-standard product built to our specs our yours

  • Custom products are generally very unique in nature, and are therefore difficult (if possible) to resell. For this reason, we have a blanket policy that states custom cables are non-returnable.
  • If it's determined that a custom cable simply needs to be re-worked or it's configuration changed in order to operate properly, we can generally do so if you send it back to us. Such a scenario may be subject to additional labor and/or shipping charges, however.

Bulk Cable - Large spools of cable, generally 500' or more

  • Large, heavy-weight products sometimes don't ship too well; the package often becomes weakened during the shipping process, and after multiple shipments, such products become difficult to resell due to the weakened structure of the packaging.
  • We have had instances where some of the bulk cable is used, and less is returned than what was originally sold/shipped; rather than attempt to calculate the resulting refund, and try to resell a 947 foot spool of cable (for example), it is more efficient to simply not accept returns on such products.

Closeout / Discontinued Products

  • These types of products are either no longer available from the manufacturer, or we have simply decided to stop carrying them altogether for any number of reasons.
  • Such products have diminishing allocated shelf space, and simply can no longer be re-stocked in our warehouse.

Any Product Clearly Stated As Being "Non-Returnable"

  • In some cases, we will make it clear within a product's name or description that it is not able to be returned.
  • Such products may not always fall into one of the above product groupings.