OM1 Mode Conditioning ST Fiber

Mode Conditioning

This page contains all of our OM1 Mode Conditioning ST Fiber Optic Patch Cables. Mode conditioning patch cables, or MCP cables for short, like these are used to deal with a type of interference called differential mode delay or differential mode dispersion. DMD interference is caused when multi mode fiber and single mode fiber patch cables are connected without a mode conditioning patch cord. The mode conditioning properties of these mode conditioning cables, such as their multimode fiber plants and their 1000Base- LX based transmission equipment, allow them to minimize this interference. Our mode conditioning patch cable solutions come in a wide variety and all of the ones seen on this page have one end with a ST mode conditioning cable plant but the other end can be either  SC or a LC mode conditioners for equip. You can view our similar MMF products using the menus on the side of of the page or view our more broad categories, such as standard multimode cables, with the menus above.