OM2 Mode Conditioning ST Fiber

MCP Cable solutions are available at Cables For Less in several different length options. Mode Conditioning Patch Cables provide a convenient and reliable method of connecting multimode fiber plants with 1000Base- LX transmission equipment.  We have two options with the ST Plant, each starts with the 50/125 Multimode (MMF) which then goes to either an LC or SC single mode (SMF) connector. The MCP Cables (Mode Conditioning Patch Cables) are a duplex cable multimode fiber that utilizes a small length single mode fiber optic cable at the beginning of the transmission portion of the cord. This calibrated offset significantly reduces differential mode dispersion (DMD) which can sometimes cause the transmitting laser pulse to spread out and merge into neighboring pulses thus creating bit errors in the transmission signal. If you have additional questions, please contact one of our sales representatives at 800.273.9556 or