Shielded CAT6 Bulk

Our Shielded Cat6 Bulk cable is solid Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) CMR (Riser Rated) 24AWG. This is professional grade, tested to 550MHz to provide additional bandwidth and performance. This bulk Cat 6 ethernet 1000ft cable uses 100% bare copper wire therefore meeting ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 standard compliant, also ETL verified, UL/CSA Listed, ISO/IEC 11801, UL444. Cat6 cables allow for 10 Gigabit speeds allowing for two-way communication for each pair of wires leading to faster perceived speeds. If you are in need of a fast internal network requiring more than up to 328 feet runs then Cat6 is the best choice. STP or Shielded Twisted Pair CAT6 cable is probably more cable than the average home user needs but in the workplace it may be the ideal (or even the only) solution available. The Mylar foil shielding protects your data as it travels through the four twisted pairs of 24 gauge solid copper wires by wrapping it in a thin metal sleeve thus keeping electrical interference from things like fluorescent lights and electrical lines found in a drop ceiling or inside walls at a minimum. Cables For Less Shielded CAT6 Bulk Cable comes in a variety of colors.