USB 2.0 Cables

USB 2.0 available with the USB 2 Type B connector. USB 2.0 cable Type “A” Male to Type “B” Male to connect your USB device such as a printer, scanner, external Hard drive, or any other large peripheral device with a USB 2.0 Port to your computer. One question we get frequently, “what is the difference between USB 2 vs 3?”. The answer is speed, USB 3.0 is about 60 times faster than 2.0. They are both backwards compatible meaning you can plug a 2.0 device into a 3.0 port or vice versa; however, it will work but only at the 2.0 technology. If you are needing further assistance or want to inquire about getting a larger quantity of product, please call one of our sales representatives at 800.273.9556