USB Extension

USB 1.1 Over Cat5e Extension RepeaterUSB 2.0 Cable, A Male To A Female

Cables For Less is proud to present our USB cables and repeaters. USB has changed the ways we share data is highly versatile. We know sometimes you do not need a new cable but rather a longer cable. This is where our extension cables shine. Connect any USB 2.0 (and below) devices with these easy-to-use USB 2.0 A to A, female to male cables. They are hot swappable, so you can plug or unplug items during use. However, you may need more than an extension cable. This is where USB repeaters come into play; simply plug them into your USB connection and amplify the signal, repeating it over a longer distance to your desired device. When used properly, they can achieve a connection of eighty feet or more! Regardless of your choice, we at Cables For Less purchase product in bulk to pass savings on to you without compromising integrity. So, fulfill your needs with quality cables and repeaters, available at low prices!