Cat6 Plenum Patch Cables

White Cat6 Plenum Patch Cable

These Cat6 Plenum patch cables are not only ideal in many installations, but they often are required to adhere to building/fire safety codes for use in Plenum spaces. Here we offer a wide range of custom built Plenum rated 550MHz Category 6 patch cable products. Each of our unshielded twisted pair (UTP) Cat6 Plenum cables are built by hand in America and tested to ensure the operate properly. While we can build almost any type of custom network cables you have via our handy custom Plenum cable calculator or by giving us a call, we have found that our most popular line is the RJ45 Male to Male standard crimped Plenum patch cords found here. We work with installers across the country who use Communications Plenum (CMP) Cat6 Ethernet cables for digital signage, advanced lighting systems, basic networking needs, use in Plenum areas, or with the proper equipment such as cable modems and patch panels. Sometimes, it is easier and often cheaper to simply buy a premade Plenum Cat6 Ethernet cable than it is to buy a spool and cut it yourself, but we carry the cable assemblies and everything else you would need to do that as well.