Cat8 500 ft Indoor - Dual Shielded - Blue

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CAT8 Bulk Cable - 500' Blue CAT8.1 Ethernet, 40G CMR, 23AWG Solid Copper

One of the most innovative cable types, our S FTP shielded bulk CAT 8.1 Ethernet cables are ideal for indoor short runs up to 30 meters in length. Primary application is for high performance data centers. Composed of four individually shielded pairs of 23 gauge solid bare copper conductors, with an overall tinned copper braid shield. The CAT8 1 bulk Ethernet cable has an overall CMR Rated jacket and sequential footage markings on the jacket so you always know how much it left.

This bulk CAT8 cable is suitable for 25G networking but has the ability to reach up to 40gbps speeds. This cable has a conventional 4 pair, 8 conductor wiring configuration. These twisted pairs are individually shielded in order to repel electromagnetic interference (EMI) in electrically noisy environments. They also keep Alien Cross Talk down to prevent from slowing down transmission speeds. Shielding is a vital part of how fast the signal seed is in a CAT8 network cable. That is why it is important to test the continuity of your shielding to ensure no loss is occurring. This Cat8.1 cable is sold on a wooden spool of 500 or 1000 feet.

What sets CAT8 version 1 apart from CAT8 version 2? First CAT8.1 is backwards compatible with the Class I standard RJ45 while CAT8.2 is designed to be compatible with Class II Fa standard connectors. While we still recommend our CAT8 Modular plug to be used with this cable it is compatible with legacy connectors. The structure is also different in the CAT8.1 compared to the 8.2. There is far more shielding and insulation in the 8.2 to reduce interference even further if meeting the max frequencies.

Our solid CAT8.1 cable has individually shielded pairs (S/FTP), and is quality manufactured to meet and or exceed product certifications which uphold to the new ANSI/TIA-568C-2.D standards.


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If you don’t quite need a whole box or feel like building these yourself then you may be interested to know that we can custom build a wide variety of patch cables on demand. If you’re already setup with the tools you’ll need as well as ends, jacks and the Ethernet Cable DIY knowledge then it’s not a problem. If you’d rather just have us do it then we have a set of easy to use custom length ethernet cable calculators you can use to quickly price out what you need and we can build them for you!


  • Category-8.1 Solid Bulk Cable – Superior to Cat6a and Cat7
  • Category 8.1 cabling is fully backward compatible with RJ45
  • Shielded Twisted Pair (Cat 8 S FTP) Cable
  • Our Cat 8 Cables Have Overall Tin-Copper Braiding
  • These Cat8 Cables are CMR Riser Rated
  • High-Performance Data Communications Cable
  • Suitable For Up to High 40G Speeds and Data Center Applications
  • These Cat8 Bulk Cables are best for up to 30 Meter Distance Patch Cables
  • 4-Pair - Easily Identified Color-Striped Pairs
  • 23 AWG Solid Bare Copper Cable and Conductors
  • Excellent Attenuation and Crosstalk Characteristics
  • This Cat 8 Bulk Cable Exceeds ANSI/TIA 568 B.2-1, ISO/IEC
  • ISO/IEC 11801 for this Cat8 Bulk Ethernet Cable
  • Supplied on a 500 ft. Wooden Spool


  • 25/40GBASE-T Ethernet
  • 10Gb/s Networking
  • Rackcenter Topologies Supported:
    • Top-of-Rack (ToR)
    • End-of-Row (EoR)
    • Middle-of-Row (MoR)
  • Not Intended for Premise or Enterprise Networks

Mechanical Characteristics

Installation Temperature Range: 0ºC-60ºC

• Operating Temperature Range: -20ºC-75ºC

• Storage Temperature Range: -20ºC-75ºC

• Bulk Cable Weight: ▫ 28 lbs./ 500FT ▫ 54 lbs./ 1000FT

• Max. Recommended Pulling Tension: 400N

• Min. Bend Radius/Minor Axis: 10xOD • Min. Bend/Installation: 8xOD

• Test Object: Jacket • Before Tensile Strength: ≥10.0 Mpa

      ▫ Aging Elongation: ≥125%

      ▫ Aging Condition: 100°C x 24hrs x 7Days

• After Tensile Strength: ≥8.0

      ▫ Aging Elongation: ≥100%

      ▫ Cold Bend: No Visible Cracks (-20°±2°x4h)


Electrical Characteristics

• Unbalanced to Ground Capacitance Max: 99 (pF/30m)

• Nominal Velocity of Propagation: 78%

• Maximum Delay: N/A

• Maximum Delay Skew: N/A

• Maximum Conductor DC Resistance: 67.9 (20ºC ohmm/km)

• Maximum Operating Voltage - UL: N/A

• Maximum DCR Unbalanced: 5% (@ 20°C)

• Attenuation (Maximum) ▫ 16.5dB/30m (98.4 ft.) @ 600MHz ▫ 32.7dB/30m (98.4 ft.) @ 2000MHz / 2GHz

• NEXT (Minimum) ▫ 25.7dB/30m (98.4 ft.) @ 600MHz ▫ 9.8dB/30m (98.4 ft.) @ 2000MHz / 2GHz

• Return Loss (Minimum) ▫ 10.0dB/30m (98.4 ft.) @ 600MHz ▫ 8.0dB/30m (98.4 ft.) @ 2000MHz / 2GHz