Mini DisplayPort Cables

Mini DisplayPort is a smaller MDP connector than the regular sized DisplayPort. Cables for Less offers a variety of Mini DisplayPort Adapter Cables with the Mini DP Port on one end to DVI, HDMI, SVGA, Regular DP, and of course a male to male Mini DisplayPort Cable with the Mini DP on both ends. Need assistance with Mini DisplayPort cables or need more cables than what our stock is show (quantity discounts available), reach out to one of our sales associates and they can answer your questions at 800.273.9556. You can read more about these products on the official DisplayPort website here

minidp-minidp.jpg minidp-dp.jpg minidp-dvi.jpg minidp-hdmi.jpg minidp-svga.jpg

Mini DP to Mini DP

Mini DP to DP

Mini DP to DVI

Mini DP to HDMI

Mini DP to SVGA