Mini DP (DisplayPort) to Mini DP

A Mini DisplayPort Cable (Mini DP aka mDP) is a plug and play ready Audio/Video cable that connects your computer to a monitor to deliver high definition for video streaming or gaming. What is Mini DisplayPort? It has a smaller connector than the more common larger DisplayPort Audio/Video interface. Mini DisplayPorts are found on the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Mini or other Mini DisplayPort / Thunderbolt 2 equipped computers. Looking for a short Mini DisplayPort cable / Mini DP cable our lengths start out at 3 ft and go up to 15 feet. The DP-DP cable is male to male and comes in white. If you have any further questions or in need of a larger quantity, please contact our sales representatives at 800.273.9556   You can read more about DisplayPort connectors and cables on the official DisplayPort website here: