MPO OM4 12 Fiber Trunk Type B 5M

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5 Meter MPO OM4 Multimode 12 fiber female to female Type B fiber optic trunk cable

These OM4 12 Fiber Type B MPO Trunks provide speeds up to 100Gb. These high count trunk cables come pre-terminated with 12 core MPO connectors and provide an easy and efficient way to pull large numbers of fibers in only one cable (up to 144 Fibers available upon request). These trunks can be plugged into any MPO cassette or Distribution frame. They are fully compatible with any MPO system on the market.


  • OM4 MPO F/UPC to MPO F/UPC 12 Fibers patch fiber trunk cable is a great cost-effective connection solution for high-density networking in places like telecom and data center. The MPO trunk cable serves as the multi-fiber push-on connection solution to connect fiber transceivers, optical fiber adapter panels, and MPO cassettes.
  • OM4 fiber cable features higher bandwidth and transmission rates than OM3 cable.
  • With an Effective Modal Bandwidth (EMB) of 4700 MHz/km at 850nm.
  • Support 10Gb up to 550 meters, 40Gb, and 100Gb up to 150 meters.
  • OFNR (Riser) rated fiber cable is ideal for use in the riser space of commercial/residential buildings.
  • Compatible with SFP+, QSFP, and QSFP+ transceivers for 10G/40G/100G network
  • Connection type B (Reversed), key up to key up.
  • Use LED and VCSEL laser light sources.
  • Corning® glass 50μm core and 125μm cladding.
  • 100% Tested with report included in each cable package.
  • Dust protective cap included
  • UL listed
Connector Type: Type B
Trunk Length: 5 Meter
Fiber Connector A: MPO Female Low-Loss
Fiber Connector B: MPO Female Low-Loss
Fiber Mode: OM4 (100% OM3 Compatible)
Fiber Count: 12 Fibers
Polish Type: UPC to UPC
Wavelength 850nm/1300nm
Insertion Loss: ≤ 0.35 dB
Return Loss: ≥ 20dB
Type (Method): Type B
Jacket OD: 3.0 mm
Jacket Material: OFNR (Riser)
Jacket Color: Aqua

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