Super High Quality Custom Cable Package - See Details

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4.50 LBS
This is a custom cable package that includes the following:
  • Qty: 4, Marker P1 and P2 7 foot cable
  • Qty: 1, Five inch ribbon cable with 50 pin connector
  • Qty: 1, Six inch ribbon cable with 50 pin connector
  • Qty: 2, Aluminum plate with 2 female DB50 connectors (plus labor)
  • Qty: 1, Custom six foot DB9 female to RJ45 (female screw input on connector no headshell)
  • Qty: 1, Custom DB9 male to RJ45 20ft
  • Qty: 1, 3x2 aluminum plate .125 inch with dual DB9 female to male cable 2.5 ft

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