LC to LC OM4 Fiber Optic Cables


LC LC OM4 50/125 Laser Optimized Multimode Duplex Fiber Optic Cables are designed to provide fast, reliable communications. LC OM4 LC-LC 10G 50um multimode Fiber cable available with quantity discount pricing! OM4 cable features a higher bandwidth and transmission rate than OM3.  The OM4 fiber cable LC to LC is perfect for high-throughput applications, with an Effective Modal Bandwidth (EMB) of 4700 MHz/km at 850nm. OM4 LC to LC cable support 10GB up to 550 Meters, 40GB and 100GB up to 150 meters. The LC cable is backwards compatible with the LED-based 50/125 multimode fiber application. To get in touch with one of our Fiber Specialists just send an email to or call (800) 273-9556.