LC to FC Singlemode Fiber

LC to FC Fiber Optic Patch Cables

LC FC Fiber optic cable available in a variety of lengths. The FC-LC patch cord has a yellow PVC jacket and 2.0mm diameter. The FC connector has a threaded body, it is used in high-vibration environments. The FC stands for ferrule connector or fiber channel. The LC connector is a SFF connector (small form factor). The LC is short for Lucent Technology. If you have additional questions on the LC to FC single mode fiber, or have even further specific needs beyond our calculators, please call our resident fiber specialist for a fast and personalized quote on any cable or fiber accessory you require. We at Cables For Less are here to ensure you get the connections you need. Fiber Sales: (800) 273-9556 or Do you have general questions about fiber optics? Need to brush up on your working knowledge of fiber or are you just curious? Take a look at our Fiber Optics Explained page and learn about all things Fiber Optic!