Bulk CAT5 Plenum

Bulk Cat5 Plenum

What does the term Plenum patch cable mean, and do I really need to spend the extra money for a Cat5 network cable with a plenum cable jacket? Plenum Ethernet cable is required by the NFPA, NEC, and/or local fire code in most installations where the cable will be used in a plenum space (spaces such as air ducts, elevator shafts or some raised ceilings). If you are unsure, we strongly suggest you check with your local authorities if you need plenum rated cables or a plenum conduit per their codes. A communications Plenum cable, known as a CMP cable for short, is not truly resistant to fire but it does not emit the same level of toxic fumes that a non Plenum cable would when burning. It is also important to know the differences between Plenum and Riser cables, since while a communications Riser cable, or CMR cable for short, is safer than a standard cable, it is not sufficiently rated for use in a Plenum area. We offer bulk Cat5 plenum rated cable in a variety of common colors. Need a shielded cable to offer protection from EMI that also meets Plenum cable ratings? We also carry bulk 1000 ft shielded cat5 true plenum cable.

Plenum Cable

While our Cat5 lines represent our most affordable Riser and Plenum cables, you can use the menu above to view our Cat6 and Cat6A bulk cabling which can be run between floors and, depending on the exact line, may be suitable for use in Riser spaces or in Plenum applications. To make sure you receive the proper cable type depending on if you are working in non Plenum areas or in Riser and Plenum spaces, keep an eye out for the phrase Plenum or CMP in the name and description of the product.